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Upholding Safety and
Ethics at Prevayl

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Setting the benchmark

In an era where technological advancements rapidly outpace regulatory frameworks, Prevayl commits to setting a benchmark in safety and ethics. We are proactive in establishing transparent standards that may not yet exist in the industry.

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Ensuring Accuracy

The Role of Our
Accuracy Expert

In our mission, ensuring the accuracy of our model's outputs stands as one of our greatest challenges. Our dedicated accuracy expert serves as a crucial validator of our model's findings, cross-referencing every output against the existing body of research.

Our Principles

and Explainability

Prevayl has been designed to output decisions that are explainable to users.

By using a validation scoring system and providing insight into how our model arrives at its conclusions, we aim to foster trust and understanding in our product, ensuring that decisions are not perceived as opaque or arbitrary, and reducing the risk of hallucinations.

Our Principles

Privacy and

Data Security

Safeguarding data privacy and maintaining data
security is paramount. For Prevayl to be trusted as a healthcare solution, it must adhere to stringent privacy standards and data protection regulations.

All the data we use will be anonymised and encrypted
to prevent unauthorised access. Moreover, clear consent mechanisms will be in place, ensuring that individuals are informed about how their data will be used and for what purposes.

Key data privacy and security standards we are working to include GDPR, SOC2, ISO/IEC27001, HIPAA and MHRA, MIST and the EU-US Privacy Shield.

Our Principles

Bias Mitigation
and Fairness

Addressing biases within the Prevayl model is crucial to ensuring the fairness and equity of the model output.

Where possible, our model will be trained using diverse datasets that accurately represent the populations they serve; where this is not possible, we will provide information that makes this clear, ensuring transparency for model users and highlighting opportunities to researchers to carry out further studies to reduce the level of bias.

Our Principles

and Oversight

Establishing clear lines of accountability and oversight
is essential in the deployment of all AI models used in health and medicine.

Prevayl are committed to collaborating with healthcare institutions and regulatory bodies in the development of frameworks for monitoring AI systems, tracking their performance, and addressing any potential adverse outcomes or errors.