The World's Smartest Sportswear

Put away your ordinary gym tee and fitness tracker, Prevayl is the wearable that fulfils all your gym gear and gadget needs.


Prevayl is a new reality where apparel provides access to a holistic suite of health and performance insights. 

Our fully functioning ecosystem of smart clothing, sensor technology and digital outputs transforms biological and physiological data into accessible insights, designed to improve health, wellness and performance. This is a new generation of wearable technology engineered to be embedded into any apparel to create a bespoke solution tailored to your brand. 

Prevayl empower businesses to create a deeper dialogue and understanding with their consumers. We propel your product and give you a sustainable competitive advantage within the ever-evolving technology landscape, enabling digital innovation at speed to unlock infinite growth potential. 

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Find out how Prevayl technology can help you disrupt your market


Our team of bodywear specialists, garment engineers and fabric scientists have garnered over 60 years of experience working with world-leading brands such as Marks & Spencer, Speedo, Berghaus, Adidas and Agent Provocateur. With a diverse range of skills and experience, we’ve assembled a multidisciplinary team of experts who can take your vision and add a strong design narrative to create a problem-solving product.

Fabrics & E-Textiles

Functional fibres and technical textiles for solution-focused garments.

Design & Engineering

We have a proven record of delivering products for brands globally.


Development and manufacturing services to bring your ideas to life.

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Our in-house hardware team consists of engineers, designers, data scientists, signal processing experts and customer-focused innovators with over 50 years of experience in the industry. We’re gamechangers who strive to break new ground in personal health and wellbeing, and to bring a new level of awareness and actionable insights to the masses.

From day one, we aim to reinforce your value proposition using a bespoke approach. This enables you to benefit from sustained access to our extensive industry knowledge and develop your product with confidence.


We identify the best physical, digital and data elements through extensive research for your product.

Design & Development

Our cyclical design phase allows the prototyping and testing to resolve any issue in detail.

End-to-End Production

We work with mission-aligned partners to ensure each product is curated to the highest standard.

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We turn data into actionable insights that will improve wellness and fitness for all. Our team of experienced data scientists and data analysts have developed a data-driven approach to wellness, which enables users to understand their health and fitness with more precision and greater clarity. Everything we do is validated by published scientific research, designed to be empowering, educational and entirely transparent.

Recovery Status

The most complete recovery test on the market, designed to determine the wearer’s readiness to perform.

Cardiovascular Fitness Data

A quick maximal test which measures HR recovery following peak exercise to help track fitness progress.

Body Load

A real-time measurement of the cumulative load on the body within a training session, for a safer, more effective workout.


Our multidisciplinary team is comprised of UX designers, software engineers and architects, product managers and quality assurance engineers, all working across our platforms, applications and integrations. Using our 70 years of expertise stretching from event-driven cloud platform and our bespoke Bluetooth native implementation, to our purpose-built user interfaces for web and mobile, we harness the most cutting-edge and secure technologies to solve complex problems.

Real-Time Monitoring of Biometric Data

All of the data our Sensor collects can be delivered through our apps in real time.

Remote Real-Time Monitoring

Any data that the user can see can be sent to and reviewed by a third party.

Post-hoc Biometric Data Analysis

Post-activity data lives in our secure platform where it can be reviewed over time.

Find out how Prevayl technology can revolutionise your product

Industry Applications

We combine our technical expertise, industry knowledge and fully functioning solutions with your vision to deliver disruptive innovations. Learn more about what we can do to help you revolutionise your sector.

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Fashion and Apparel

Revolutionising the clothing industry with breakthrough innovations engineered to empower.

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Connected Fitness

Improving physical and mental wellbeing for all through accessible, easy-to-implement solutions. 

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Team Sports

Putting the power of data in the hands of sporting elites to turn goals into athletic achievements.

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Collaborating with universities and medical professionals to develop purpose-driven products.


Prevayl is a three-part approach to a smarter workout. Everyone new to Prevayl starts with a Training Pack, which gives you ① a revolutionary Prevayl Sensor, ② a piece of SmartWear® garment of your choice and ③ a lifetime Prevayl App membership – everything you need to kickstart your Prevayl journey. 

The Sensor is a one-time purchase which fits into every item in our SmartWear® collection, and a Training Pack is the first step to building your own connected workout wardrobe. 

Prevayl is a three-part approach to smart workouts. Every ① SmartWear® garment is augmented with a smart underband and a hidden pocket – slip in the revolutionary ② Prevayl Sensor and watch your performance data come to life in the ③ Prevayl App.

This system eliminates the need for wires and cables, which makes for a more streamlined experience than the clunky chest strap without compromising on comfort.

The Prevayl technology can be integrated into a myriad of products to provide accurate health monitoring, reading metrics such as heart rate, heart rate variability, physical stress, recovery status and more. You may leverage our technology to enable a patient to take ECG readings without the help of a healthcare professional or to guide an athlete’s training to accelerate athletic performance. The possibilities are endless.

You can see our portfolio or patents here. If you have any further questions, reach out and we’d be happy to answer them.

The Prevayl technology can be integrated into industries across the spectrum. Whether you’re a sportswear brand looking to add a smart offering to your range or a healthcare provider exploring new ways to monitor health metrics accurately, our technology can help you unlock business growth potential. Get in touch now to speak with a member of our innovation team.

Most fitness tracker users are using multiple devices and apps, which doesn’t make for the most effective approach. Having your data stored in endless combinations of trackers, apps and watches can often leave potential insight and performance progression untapped, too. 

Prevayl is connected clothing that you can effortlessly integrate into your workout wardrobe and fitness routine. By melding cutting-edge technology with premium sportswear, we’ve created a centralised solution which consolidates all the data captured by the Prevayl Sensor and delivers it through a slick and simplistic UI, painting a complete picture of your fitness and performance.

Prevayl negates the need for having multiple devices and apps, freeing up your wrist and storage on your smartphone. It’s the only fitness tracker and app you will ever need to take your fitness to the next level. 

Prevayl captures your performance data by measuring the electrical activity of your heart (ECG) directly in your chest cavity. This is considerably more accurate even during intense activity than any smartwatch, which uses a flashing green light to measure your heart rate from your wrist. 

Not to mention that at 1,000 data points per second, Prevayl processes four times more data than any other wearables out there, quadrupling the amount of insights into how your body performs during a workout. 

Put simply, no other wearables – let alone smartwatches – give you more performance data than Prevayl. 

Sitting at the heart of Prevayl, SmartWear® is the world’s smartest fitness tracker fused into premium sportswear. It reads your body during workout to give you real-time performance data, empowering you to adapt your training for bigger, better results. 

SmartWear® is a three-part approach to a smarter workout. Every ① SmartWear® garment is augmented with a smart underband and a hidden pocket – slip in the revolutionary ② Prevayl Sensor and watch your performance data come to life in the ③ Prevayl App. 

Performance Wear is our range of premium sportswear consisting of mens and womens styles, designed to complement SmartWear® and complete the Prevayl look. 

In early 2022, we launched SmartWear® as a concept range to validate our solution. A first mover in the industry, SmartWear® is a great example of our technology can improve your health and fitness. You can browse SmartWear® on our website or get in touch to learn more about the range.

You can reach out to us via or speak to a member of our team on Zendesk.

Reach out to us via or speak to a member of our team on Zendesk, and we’ll take it from there.