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Beyond conventional AI:
Introducing Artificial Medical
Intelligence (AMI)

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Transforming Healthcare with AI insights

To elevate AI to a level that can facilitate medical breakthroughs, a foundational model surpassing current capabilities in processing language, images, and audio is essential. This entails the integration of extensive, contextualised biological datasets with deep foundational knowledge of the human condition and medical records.

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In pursuit of this objective, we are
developing a multi-modal foundation
model of the human body, which we
have named Prevayl.

Encoding Multimodal
and Diverse Data Sets

Our aim with Prevayl is to encode multimodal and diverse data sets on a global scale, establishing it as the cornerstone for scientific discoveries and breakthroughs that will elucidate the mysteries of the human body.

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To Describe,

A clear description and analysis of what the interrogated data represents, outlaying all key features and potential anonamies.


Prevayl presents findings of noteworthy sizeable correlations across trillions of multimodal data sets and presents validated hypothesis for areas of new research and discovery

and Diagnose.

At speed a diagnoses can be presented into any known detected conditions

The answer is an AI model that encompasses multiple biometrics – “Multimodel”

Drawing correlations between multiple data sets to see the unseen precursors, bio-markers and predictive outputs of the Human condition, that have never before been possible.

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Our foundation AI Model

Prevayl will identify complex biological interactions of an individual, train and evaluate these interactions against billions of global data sets and predict or discover a life saving diagnosis, or show the anatomy of a route cause of an uncured disease.

The value to humanity, and commercially will be groundbreaking.

A timeline of The AMI Impact

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