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Welcome to Prevayl

1 April 2024

Welcome to Prevayl  

In a data-driven world, understanding the human body can open incredible possibilities. Prevayl is leading this revolution by creating an innovative model based on human health that has the potential to transform medical science and technology. 


The Vision Behind Prevayl

Prevayl’s mission is to use data to uncover hidden precursors and biomarkers, providing predictive insights into human health that were once out of reach. Imagine a world where complex human body interactions are understood, leading to life-saving diagnoses and revealing the root causes of diseases that have puzzled scientists for years.  


The Prevayl Model: Describe, Diagnose, Discover

Prevayl goes beyond simple data analysis to provide a detailed description and understanding of the data it interrogates. It highlights key features and potential anomalies, helping researchers and clinicians identify significant correlations across multimodal data sets. 

  1. Describe: A thorough description and analysis of key data features, helping identify noteworthy patterns and anomalies. 
  1. Diagnose: Leveraging the model’s extensive data and analytical capabilities, it provides rapid diagnoses and prognoses of health conditions and predictions for future health outcomes. 
  1. Discover: Uncovering new areas of research and discovery, providing validated hypotheses for further exploration. 


Prevayl is Multimodal

Prevayl’s strength lies in its ability to integrate and analyse multiple forms of data, each providing unique insights into human health: 

  • Image Data: Visual representations of the human body or specific parts, allowing for detailed examination and analysis. 
  • Time Series Data: Chronologically ordered data points, critical for observing changes over time in various health metrics. 
  • Text Data: Written language data, including academic journals, medical records, books, and guidelines. The model primarily focuses on English language sources, reflecting the fact that 75% of all academic journals are published in English. 
  • Tabular Data: Structured healthcare information organised in tables, enabling systematic analysis of individual health records and attributes. 
  • Structured Health Data: Predefined and standardised healthcare information stored in databases or electronic health record systems, providing a comprehensive view of patient data. 


A Glimpse into Prevayl’s Capabilities: A Live Demonstration

Prevayl’s potential was put to the test in a live demonstration, showcasing its ability to outperform traditional diagnostic methods and advanced AI models in analysing electrocardiogram (ECG) data. Here’s a summary of the demonstration: 

  • Doctors’ Performance: Taking just under 3 minutes, most doctors were confident in their diagnoses, though none correctly identified the supraventricular premature beats (SVB). Some are misdiagnosed with type 1 heart block, which can resemble SVB. 
  • AI Analysis: It took about 5 minutes to prompt a well-known advanced generalised AI language model to analyse the trace. While the AI demonstrated good procedural knowledge, it failed in execution, leading to incorrect heart rate calculations and misdiagnoses. 
  • Prevayl’s Accuracy: Prevayl accurately calculated the heart rate and correctly diagnosed SVB in less than a minute, demonstrating its superior capability in analysing complex biological data. 

For a detailed view of the live demonstration, check out the video link. 


Join Us on Humanity’s Most Important Mission

Prevayl isn’t just cutting-edge technology; it’s a step towards a better future for everyone. By supporting the development of applications that enhance our well-being, Prevayl is on a mission that could be one of the most crucial for humanity. To learn more, visit Prevayl or contact us at