The Future of Clothing Is Tech

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When Prevayl™ launches proof of concept in several weeks’ time we will turn the perception of wearable technology on its head.

For us, it’s driven by style.

We will produce a small exemplar range of garments and designs that demonstrate how style-led clothing can also be smart clothing, offering more insights into the human body than other wearables could hope for.

Prevayl™ stands for beautifully designed, desirable garments that people will want to buy because they look great. We’ll be introducing people to a new mindset, where amazing looking clothes can do amazing things for their health and wellbeing.

Our proof of concept range will inspire other designers, helping them to appreciate the possibilities for our technology within their own collections and brand. As different labels with varying price points and target customers begin to integrate Prevayl™ into their own clothing ranges, there will be a Prevayl™ item for everyone. It will become commonplace to own a number of Prevayl™ garments, making sure that you are wearing one every day, from the office to the park, from the sports club to the nightclub. Even while you sleep, your Prevayl™ nightwear will be monitoring your health and well-being.

It’s a massive shift away from current wearable tech. Up to now the sector has been defined principally by activity trackers and smartwatches, that count steps, monitor distance, altitude and calories burned, and use optical sensors to track heart rate and quality and quantity of sleep. Newer entrants into the market include bras, socks and even trainers that contain a small, but still noticeable sensor and aim to replicate some of these smartwatch features.

Prevayl™ clothing is in a league of its own because it puts style at the forefront, with some quite mind-blowing technology included.

Using graphene – the thinnest and strongest material out there – as a conductor incorporated into the fabric, we can produce a range of garments that are all smart clothes. The graphene is capable of picking up seven kinds of data from the human body and communicating them to our proprietary software. Users will be able to see this data, empowering them to make better health choices and build more healthy habits to improve their lives.

The Prevayl™ brand also stands for sustainability.

The garment industry is one of the biggest villains when it comes to creating global landfill, so we are determined to try to encourage a fresh approach to buying clothes. Because of the technology involved, Prevayl™ garments will not be the sort of cheap, throwaway items that now dominates the high street and online shopping sites. The clothes will be beautifully designed and made to last, the sort of clothing often referred to as investment pieces.

At the same time we are determined that there will be a variety of clothing items with a range of price points so that the technology and its benefits are accessible to everyone. We believe that good healthcare is a basic human right and improving healthcare for all is core to our vision here at Prevayl™.

Recyclability is another issue we are addressing. We’re currently making great strides with proposals around incentivised return and re-use models, such as a convenient return and exchange system, where collected products can be recycled or re-used in other ways. Putting perceived value back into the clothes we wear feels like the responsible thing to do these days.

We’re looking forward to announcing the date very soon when we will be revealing our first exemplar garments that let people look as wonderful as they feel.

Clothes to live in, for life.

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