Adam Gemili

Olympian | Track and Field

UK, London

Adam Gemili (born 6 October 1993) is a British sprinter. He is the 2014 European champion at 200 metres, and 4 x 100 metres relay. He is also part of the Great Britain team that won gold in the 2017 World Championships. He was the first British athlete to go sub-10s in the 100m and sub-20s in the 200m.


x3 Olympian - Track and Field

Favourite sports

I grew up playing football - I’m a huge Liverpool fan and follow them religiously!


Love what you do, if you don’t there’s no point in doing it

Favourite thing about Prevayl

Prevayl is game changing in the way that it’s putting information and data into the hands of athletes. You just put on a t-shirt, insert the sensor and you’ve got everything you could ask for, presented in a clear and easy way to understand - all through an amazing app.

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