What Is Prevayl Smartwear™

Prevayl SmartWear™ - The world’s most accurate Smart Clothing.

Smart clothing refers to clothing that has been enhanced with technology so that it offers functionality beyond their traditional use. This could range from clothes that incorporate therapeutic yarns that radiate infra-red heat back into the muscles to enhance recovery to garments containing a web of complex sensors that can monitor things such as the heart, breathing and motion of the wearer, communicating the data to their Smartphone. So, in effect, anyone wearing smart clothing can become a supercharged version of themselves just by wearing it or by acting on the insight it offers to them.

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Smart clothing has tough competition now that Smartwatches can offer fairly accurate heart rate monitoring and the convenience of being on the wrist.  Thankfully, there is one major advantage offered from measuring the heart, breathing and motion directly off the torso: it’s far more accurate than wrist based data, which means it will offer much more reliable data, leading to insight that is far more likely to be to the benefit of the wearer.

Prevayl went about solving the problem in a different way: we gave our techies and engineers the task of developing Prevayl SmartWear™ that integrates invisibly into normal garments that have been designed to look great to wear every day and we gave our health experts, sports scientists and data scientists the task of taking complex body data, applying it to the latest research and translating it into simple instructions for the wearer that will leave them feeling empowered and have the maximum impact on improving their health, fitness and wellbeing. Our advanced algorithms can provide the average person with access to real time medical, fitness and lifestyle insight that just a few years ago was only available to elite athletes and patients in a lab environment. Prevayl SmartWear™ can also be designed to meet the fashion needs of many different people and integrated into many different garment types that will give wearers lots of choice and flexibility.

Written by
Anthony TETE

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