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You Knew Before Your Body Knew

Imagine that your clothes were all smart clothes. Invisible technology within every fibre could offer life-saving information about what’s going on inside your body, 24 hours a day, every day.

So far wearable technology has been mostly about gadgets worn on the wrist, or clipped discreetly to belts and underwear. Industry experts are predicting a more ubiquitous approach for the future, with technology woven into clothing. A jacket offering an extension of some smartphone capabilities already exists, using touch gestures to handle calls, texts and to play music.

Innovators at Manchester-based Prevayl(™) has moved the game to the next level. It is already well on the way to incorporating wearable tech into every item in the wardrobe, way beyond just gym gear. Putting fashion first, the goal is to create beautifully designed, highly covetable and very wearable pieces, where every fibre is ‘alive’.

Prevayl is currently developing the software to achieve this. The business is planning to partner with the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre, based at the University of Manchester, they are pioneering new technologies to incorporate sensor technology with Graphene for everyday use. Current trackers already collect data on heart rate, sleep stages and calories burned, but this new technology will be able to do so much more. It will be able to track bio- signals. The potential applications and benefits for users are endless.

From helping to manage health conditions like diabetes and heart problems, alerting users to imminent allergic reactions, or coaching improved sporting technique based on body movements, Prevayl will literally transform lives, support better health and improve professional performance.

The value of the global human data collected, in terms of monetary and quality of life, is immense. Along with the dramatic impact this will have on the world of fashion, the technology will also turn things upside down for other industries including pharmaceutical, medical and insurance. There are applications for the armed services and police as well as sport, health and of course IT.

Prevayl is talking to investors around the world to accelerate the next stages of development and with potential production partners. Anticipating the massive increase in data that will need to be streamed, Prevayl has partnered with a global telecoms provider to pioneer the use of its 5G network to enhance their innovations.

Home of the Industrial Revolution, Graphene, textiles and birthplace of the modern computer, it’s fitting that Manchester is where this next great leap forward will take place. With Prevayl’s first concepts released in the near future, imagination is about to become reality.

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